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Management made in China: why this site?

After China’s economic take-off in the 1980s, but even more after the country’s entry into the WTO in 2001 and the wave of company relocation that it accelerated, China has been perceived in the West as the “factory of the world”. Today, this reality is widely recognized.

More recently, it has become clear that China has also become a nation of technological innovation, capable of undercutting Western champions. This reality is less obvious, including to many economic and political decision-makers.

But if there is one area in which China was not expected, it is management innovation. However, far from the image of a purely authoritarian management of people, China is inventing new methods to mobilize energies and entrepreneurial spirit in companies.

The Management made in China website is dedicated to this management revolution coming from China, which could well inspire Western countries.

Here you will find in particular :

  • thematic articles
  • book summaries and reviews
  • interviews and testimonials

See you soon on Management made in China!

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